Sponge Head Facial Washing Tube

We specialize in the production of cosmetic hoses, which are used for the cleaning of skin care products. We accept OEM customization, and there are different printing methods such as hot stamping, hot silver, silk screen printing.

Product Details


Sponge head facial washing tube 's shape has a round tube, an oval tube, and a flat tube. The material is generally composed of PE and PP materials. 

It's cap are available in a variety of styles like flip top cap,screw on cap,airless pump cap,bullet cap,acrylic cap,lip bam cap,etc.

Printing methods also include silk screen, offset printing, hot stamping, hot silver, 3D printing and so on.

The sponge head is used for facial cleansing and gently massages your face to give your skin a better cleansing effect.

Product NameSponge head facial washing tube



offset, hot stamping, silkscreen and electroplate



screw, screw-on flip top and snap-on flip top
Shapesround, oval and flat
Colorstransparent, white and customized
Closuresmatte or glossy
UsagePlastic tubes are suitable for cosmetics, food, pharmaceuticals, personal care, household products and industrial products

Product Classification

16 and 19mm  Lip gloss, lip essence, eye essence, cream, lotion, fluid candy, sauce and oil packing
22 and 25mm Eye essence, hand cream, lotion, cream, washing form, personal care products, household products, adhesive, fluid candy, sauce and oil packing
30 and 35mm Body lotion, shower gel, face cleanser, make-up foundation, hand cream, hare care products, anti-sun cream, jam and ointment packing
38, 40 and 45mmFacial mask, facial cleanser, hand cream, hand washing form, hair care products, household products, personal care products and industrial oil packing
50, 55 and 60mmShampoo, hair care cream, body scrub, body lotion, shower gel, personal bathe products


Customized according to different colors and printing methods.

Suitable for facial cleansing, body care and other products.

The new tube is more delicate and clear.

More brands around the world use aluminum barrier laminate tubes.

The cap is very thin.


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