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Will Cosmetic Packaging Be Plastic Or Glass Bottles In The Future?

Sep 12, 2018

Glass bottles

For a long time, because of its inertia and infiltration characteristics, glass is to ensure its composition and maintain its integrity. In the consumer's impression, beauty products packaged in glass reflect the quality of the product, while glass packaging is a symbol of luxury goods. Because glass is the information that transmits quality, purity and product protection, the glass in cosmetic packaging industry is basically in a leading position, especially in the high-end cosmetic market, such as perfume, is basically in a monopoly position.

But when reporters visited the market, it was found that the industry is not optimistic about the prospects of the cosmetics packaging market. Chen Jun, deputy general manager of Huayu Plastics Co., Ltd, told reporters, "From the whole cosmetic packaging materials industry, in recent years, glass bottles have occupied the mainstream position, this position may continue for a long time in the future, but plastic materials will gradually replace glass, but it is an indisputable fact, it will be a slow down." Slow process, from quantitative change to qualitative change. In the past, glass accounted for 80% of the market share of cosmetic packaging materials, while other materials and materials accounted for 20%. In a few years'time, the FRP market share could drop by 50%, the plastics industry by 40%, and metals and paper materials by 10%.

In the short term, glass materials still have the advantage that other materials can not be copied, and feel and texture are very good, but its shortcomings are also prominent. One of the most serious drawbacks of glass is that it is very sensitive to low temperatures, and the temperature difference between North and South China, South cosmetics glass bottles transport to the north easy to crack, resulting in many product developers are reluctant to use glass bottles.

Strong rise of PET plastics

No matter in cosmetics or declining glass materials, but the strong rise of plastics is beyond doubt, Lin Weiguang told reporters, "the original plastic bags are not suitable for materials, now more and more products are favored, the annual growth rate of the market has doubled. Cosmetic packaging materials will be more and more widely used in plastics, and will rise rapidly in three years. It should be said that plastics instead of glass become cosmetic packaging is the general trend. In recent years, the rapid development of PET resin used in cosmetic packaging materials to a certain extent will accelerate the transformation of plastics instead of glass.

It is understood that in recent years, with the continuous demand of the cosmetic market, a large number of new materials have become the new favorite of the packaging market in recent years, of which PET plastic is one of the best. PET is the abbreviation of polyethylene terephthalate. Because it can make up for many defects in glass wood, so it is touted by manufacturers. For example, its quality is lighter than glass, and its transportation cost is low, so it can meet the requirements of cold storage in the north. In addition, Chen Jun also told reporters, "PET plastic threshold is not high, production equipment investment hundreds of thousands of yuan, due to the popularity of technology, the production cost of PET bottles is declining, in 0.9 yuan glass bottles and PET bottles price 1000 ml specifications, and sprayed glass, the cost of higher grinding process."

The rise of PET plastics was not achieved overnight, Lin Weiguang told reporters, "Plastics is a synonym for low-end products, this impression still exists, but the change of consciousness can be seen gradually from high-end products, some high-end cosmetics also began to use plastic as raw materials, packaging materials, the impact of technology has been able to glass bottles. The game. However, there will be a change in this transition, for example, a temporary shift to the combination of glass and plastics, for example, glass bottles and PET forms will be a gradual change process.

Although the market for PET plastic packaging materials is growing rapidly, the undeniable fact is that even if glass will face many difficulties throughout the cosmetics industry, hot demand, packaging market growth continues to increase, orders from glass manufacturers remain.



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