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Where Will 2016 Cosmetics Packaging Go?

Nov 24, 2016

The following 4 points to explain the new trend of cosmetics packaging.

Cosmetics in addition to the nature of the product itself, but also have different grades. In order to distinguish the grade of cosmetics, people often use different packaging materials and ways to reflect. A look at what the new packaging trends in 2016.

 1 easy to carry not fragile.

Modern urban women increasingly fast pace of life, many women will be on the way to work and women often have to makeup, makeup. So carry on cosmetics is the habit of many women. Research shows that women use cosmetics at home more often than at home. So easy to carry and not easy to break the cosmetics of the time of urgent white-collar is very important.

 2 environmental protection.

With the progress and development of society, more and more people's hearts of environmental awareness. Many European and American cosmetics brand has long been the concept of environmental protection into their brand.

 3 childlike innocence.

The woman has a child in her heart. A lot of women are hard to resist, look at Japan's HelloKitty and its peripheral products to what extent the hot to what extent they know the love of a woman's cute little thing. Such a delicate Macarons shape lipstick believe that many women want to buy home.

 4 intelligent packaging.

According to a survey by Google in May 2015, 82% of smart phone owners tend to use smart phones to check product information when they buy something. No wonder the development of intelligent packaging in recent years by leaps and bounds.