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What Material Is PP

Jul 06, 2020

What material is PP?

Brand material is also called polypropylene, which belongs to a kind of plastic. PP material is widely used in our home. The common PP material products in our home include pots, barrels, furniture, film, woven bags, etc. The comprehensive properties of PP material are better than that of PE material, with light weight, good toughness and good chemical resistance. However, due to insufficient rigidity and poor weather resistance, it is easy to be aged, brittle and deformed after a long time of use. In daily life, the commonly used fresh-keeping box is made of PP material.

Is PP toxic?

PP material itself is non-toxic. The products directly blown by it are nontoxic. However, its injection, extrusion and molded plastic products, such as pots, boxes and frames, contain a large amount of filler, pigment, plasticizer, anti-aging agent and so on. Therefore, some declared PP products are poisonous. But we usually use regular tableware products, there are national inspection standards, so it is non-toxic. So try to buy regular products.

PP material purchase guide

1. Raw materials. PP material products are generally used PP materials, but many claimed PP materials are not pure PP, so it is necessary to pay attention to when purchasing, harmless food grade PP material is the best.

2. Appearance. Good PP materials are generally transparent or translucent materials, the appearance of lustrous, beautiful design, no burr, this can be seen through the appearance.

3. Durability. Heat resistance is a high quality property of PP material. Good heat resistance of PP material is very high quality. It will not deform in high temperature water and can even be sterilized in boiling water. In addition, the impact resistance of PP material is also very high quality, it is not easy to break and leave scratch when pressed or impacted.