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What Is The Secret Behind Cosmetic Packaging

Mar 07, 2017

Q: what are the packaging materials used in cosmetics? The effect of different packaging materials on the cosmetic effect?

A: cosmetic packaging materials are: glass bottles, plastic bottles, hoses, vacuum bottles. The choice of cosmetic packaging material not only affects the use of the content, but also has a certain impact on the brand marketing and promotion. The glass bottle has the advantages of stable performance, good barrier property and no reaction with the content. Nowadays, many international brands of cosmetics use glass packaging materials, one of the reasons is the characteristics of the glass.

Q: why do some products use glass bottles, and some products with plastic bottles?

A: cosmetic bottles used for packaging materials, whether plastic or glass, have their own advantages and disadvantages.

The market is more plastic. The main reason is the high degree of plastic can be changed: a variety of sizes, shapes, colors, transparent, opaque can do. Light weight, easy to transport, good printing, etc., are the reasons for the selection of plastic containers are more used. From the point of view of product characteristics, such as facial cleanser using plastic bottles of plastic bottles, the reason is that the face cream paste is very thick, easy to squeeze the bottle with a hose can be used completely.

But the disadvantage of plastic is not heat, light barrier is not enough, poor solvent resistance (especially fats). Therefore, the plastic container is the first bottleneck is not high temperature steam sterilization, can not be washed with water, can not be light sterilization. Compared with plastic, glass material characteristics of heat resistance and light resistance and solvent resistance of a number of high-end cosmetics preferred.

Q: why do most of the whitening cream with dark bottles?

A: this has a direct relationship with the composition of the product: a lot of whitening ingredients are afraid of light, specifically, some products containing whitening ingredients in the light of the situation, the situation will change color. The color of the normal whitening product is white, but it will turn yellow or brown after being exposed to light. After the color change, the whitening effect will be reduced.

Q: is it really more clean to press the head? Why some eye cream also open bottle?

A: the use of cosmetics, the principle is not directly hand with a bottle mouth and bottle paste contact. So, as far as possible to try to use the cream stick, lotion bottles and bottles can be used to reduce the pollution of dumping.

The head of the design of cosmetics, the contents of the bottle is not directly connected with air or hand, is the most safe and hygienic design.

The use of different bottle shape, mainly to see the contents of the characteristics of the content, and some eye cream thick, with open mouth bottle easy to use. And most of the eye cream on the market using a small volume of the bottle, one of the reasons is to use as soon as possible, to avoid prolonged contact with the air to make paste deterioration.

Q: what are the essence of need to use a dropper?

A: the essence of the dropper bottle, has the sense of science and technology in shape, amount of accurate and convenient health. The essence of this kind of packaging is generally less dosage, more expensive and liquid texture consistency moderate.

Q: what factors will be considered in the design of packaging?

A: we need to combine the product itself and the market environment in the design of product packaging, looking for design point of view. There are many factors to be considered in the design of packaging, which can be summed up in three aspects: object (product itself), human (user), environment (market).

Product packaging can directly affect the customer's consumption psychology, can be said to be the most direct advertising products. A beautiful product packaging needs to meet consumer psychological needs, in line with market trends, can be considered a good packaging.

In a particular environment and the consumer market, the designer designed a number of alternative packaging, may be to meet the needs of some people, rather than the needs of the masses. Like clothing, all kinds of clothing are, but some people wear, taste and taste is not the same, style is not the same.

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