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What Is The Packaging Process Of Plastic Bottle?

May 06, 2018

Plastic bottles have a variety of plastic bottle packaging technology, mainly to squeeze, injection, injection, two - step method.

Different materials have different production processes, and different processes make different bottles.

In the production of crowded blowing bottle bottle has a bottom seam, the quality is arbitrary adjustable, can be thin thickness, that is to say the bottle to do multiple, multiple available material such as polyethylene, polypropylene, high separation processing.

Injection process: the bottom of the bottle has no bottom seam, the gloss is good, automatic production, thin, thick cannot adjust, that is to say the mold opens into what, it is what. It can be processed by polyethylene and polypropylene.

Injection molding process, and the characteristics of the injection process is essentially the same, all of the lid, plastic boxes, are the production of injection molding, through the production of benzene is to use this material, and the difference between injection: inner diameter from bottom to mouth is the injection molding process, bottom is big, the convergent is injection process.

Two-step method: first fill the blank (fixed bottle mouth, fixed weight, tapered), then blow the bottle (again according to the mould of the bottle to blow into various bottles). General polyester material is used in this process.

There is also a plastic-absorbing process, which is produced only by plastic brackets.

1. Production technology

(1) to "force" extrusion blow - blowmoulding also called hollow extrusion blow molding. Extruder continuously extruded hollow tube, with scissors (artificial) or cutting device (automatic) cut into small pieces to move into the extruded mold to blow molding.

Advantages: simple equipment, small investment, low cost.

Disadvantage: the bottle mouth is uneven, the seal is very poor. Ldpe is usually used in raw materials, which is far lower than hdpe/pp, and the storage period is short.

(2) two-step "injection-blow" twostepsinjection-blowmoulding. "Injection, blow molding" is separated by two separate machines, commonly known as "two-step method". Step 1: injection molding tube blank by a normal injection molding machine, the head part (bottle mouth and thread) of the tube is formed; Step 2: manually place the tube billet in a honeycomb heater or automatic circulating heat transfer belt to heat the temperature and then move it to the bottle blowing machine to make the type with compressed air.

Advantages: simpler equipment and less investment. The top of the bottle is smooth and well sealed. Rapid development of varieties, low mold cost, low cost price.

Disadvantages: the injection tube billet and blow molding are carried out step by step, easy to transmit the pollution, the bacterium inspection is difficult to guarantee, the product is the same, the product is not suitable for mass production.

(3) one-step method "injection-blow" onestepinjection-blowmoulding. "Injection, blow molding" is done on the same machine. According to different kinds of machines, it is divided into three stations and two stations. Sod "note - blowing bottle blowing machine" three location at 120 ° Angle into an equilateral triangle distribution, the first station for injection molding station, the second location for blow molding station, the third station to take off the bottle location. Three station can be run at the same time, high efficiency, short cycle, and can be connected to the conveyor belt, automatic counting packaging, wash truly protect plastic bottles in the whole process of production and people "no contact", to ensure product sanitation clean. The second station "injection-blow" plastic machine 2 station can be up, down or before and after arrangement; The first station is injection molding station, the second one is blow molding station; It is difficult to realize full automatic counting packaging due to the lack of a dedicated debottle and cooling station. In addition, the production cycle is long and the production efficiency is lower than the three stations.

Advantages: high degree of automation and high productivity. The top of the bottle is high and the sealing is excellent. Hdpe /pp raw material is selected, the wall is uniform, the resistance is good, and the storage period of the charge is long. At present, the domestic standardized drug package enterprises basically adopt one-step "injection and blow" process equipment, which is mainly composed of "three stations".

Disadvantages: large equipment investment, complex mould, high system configuration requirements. Not suitable for small variety, small batch production. But mass production can achieve high quality and low cost, good economic benefit.