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What Are The Requirements Of The Manufacturer In The Quality Of The Acrylic Bottle

Jan 07, 2018

Any product is required for quality inspection before going to factory. After quality inspection is qualified, it can be released. Acrylic bottle is also like this. Generally speaking, what are the requirements of the manufacturer in terms of its quality?

1. specifications and size fit
In the quality inspection requirements of acrylic bottle, the first concern is the size of the qualified, in size to meet the requirements of the bottle in the bottle, which can be installed in the bottle, is not qualified, but this step is relatively simple, often can be seen at a glance.

2 sealing property
In addition to the requirements of acrylic bottle in the specification size can fit, also requires assurance on the seal, it is necessary, in the installation on the bottle, the bottle upside down, the bottle is stored in the medium without leakage, the bottle can ensure the sealing of the factory.

3. health guarantee
To ensure the health of the acrylic bottle has been recognized by the user, and the requirements of quality inspection in the factory, is the health of the requirements in the presence of dirt, check the bottle, if present, the need for timely pick up cleaning disinfection, ensure storage safety.

To sum up, the requirements for quality inspection of acrylic bottles are usually checked by manufacturers, which ensures the excellence of products and meets the requirements in use.