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What Are The Materials Of Cosmetic Plastic Bottles?(二)

Jun 27, 2017

5, AS and ABS:AS transparency is better than ABS, and the toughness is better.

6, order quantity is generally 3 thousand - 10 thousand, can customize the color, usually do color matte and magnetic white powder, or what effect, although the same bottle and cover with the color, but sometimes because the bottle and the cover for the material is not the same, some show differences in color.

7, silk screen has ordinary ink and UV ink, UV ink effect is better, gloss and three-dimensional feeling, in production, should first hit the plate to confirm the color, in different materials of silk screen effect will be different.

8, bronzing, hot silver processing and printing gold powder, silver powder have different effect, hard texture and smooth surface is suitable for hot stamping, silver, soft surface printing effect is not good, easy to fall off, hot gold and silver gloss to India gold silver.

9, to a negative film screen printing, graphic effect for black color, the background color is transparent, bronzing, hot silver process to positive, graphic effect is transparent, the background color is black. Text and pattern proportion should not be too small or too thin, otherwise it can not print effect.

10, generally equipped with internal cap gasket, cover, plug, very few with a small spoon or dropper, this is mainly on account of the sealing performance and ease of use.

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