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What Are The Key Elements Of Cosmetic Packaging Design

Dec 20, 2018

Cosmetics are not only a commodity, but also a culture. The packaging design of cosmetic box is not only for a commodity, but also to convey the cultural connotation of the brand, as well as people's pursuit and ideological connotation, and to be recognized by consumers who support the brand and potential consumers.

In the international market, middle and high-grade cosmetics pay great attention to the appearance design of cosmetic box packaging, because the quality of packaging greatly affects the sales performance of cosmetics. Middle and high-end cosmetics have clear brand positioning strategies, brand concepts that interest consumers and packaging characteristics.

The trend of modern packaging design has changed a lot. It has shifted from focusing on functionality and rationality to focusing on emotional humanization. Cosmetic packaging is also carrying out structural design and decoration design innovation, paying more attention to packaging structure design, color use, graphic layout and other visual communication elements and the affinity between consumers; focusing on the pursuit of artistry, so that it naturally and affinity to express the connotation of products, touch consumers'emotions, make full use of consumers' emotional psychology to enhance brand prices. Value.



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