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The Transparent Area Of The Acrylic Bottle Should Have Such Effect

Jan 07, 2018
Sometimes, businesses will directly make acrylic bottles transparent. But sometimes, when designing bottles, some parts will be designed to be transparent. Some areas are designed to be opaque. In the transparent part of the bottle, it is necessary for the enterprise to ensure the following effects:

Smooth and transparent: according to the characteristics of raw materials, acrylic bottle transparent state, should be able to finish the big bag is transparent effect, there should be a crystal in the texture of the effect, so that the quality of the packaging bottle is good, have excellent material and excellent technological effect, but also to ensure that the whole bottle is good visual effect.

No pitting in transparent acrylic bottle, requiring companies to achieve no pitting, because of the defects that enterprises in the manufacturing of the bottle is mixed with impurities in the raw material, is the embodiment of the bottle quality is not good enough, but also lead to decreased appearance of the bottle.

No wrinkle: under normal circumstances, acrylic bottle production, in the transparent area should be no crease, otherwise not only the quality of the packaging bottle and process effect is not good enough, also means that the packaging bottle visual effect is poor, is not conducive to enhance the product, optimize sales work.