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The Structure Principle Of Eye Ball Bottle

Oct 27, 2017

The structure principle of eye ball bottle

Eye ball bottle, as its name suggests, is mainly used for rolling around the eye massage and smearing make-up role. The smearing process is to use the rolling of the steel ball to bring out the make-up material evenly, and then use the rolling of the steel ball to press the body onto the skin. Because the ball at room temperature the temperature of the human body is generally higher than the bottom, in the eye around and there are many points, the ball rolling contact with the skin, the cold touch with steel ball rolling and pressing points, in addition to feeling cool and refreshed outside but also can play the massage dredge of blood vessels under the skin, remove the black eye, relieve eye fatigue and so on. The material through the ball press also let the skin faster absorption, the effect is better. When you first turn on the lid upside down or light off (as the material viscosity or how much may be), will the outlet ball stopped out outlet left within the body, through the outlet material into the storage bin.

When the press is applied, the steel ball opens the outlet, blocks the inner outlet and rolls out the material in the storage bin to smear on the skin. At this time, the material is stored in the storage bin. Because the material is directly coated on the skin through the ball rolling, so you don't have to be like ordinary container to hand to dig and daub body, also a little decrease of pollution, so more and also win consumers! With the more and more manufacturers, ball slowly inherent problems are found, such as leakage liquid products stored in the imagination after filling or improper transportation process, in addition to the lid is not tight or damaged when filling and sealing parts outside the bead seat storage material accumulation caused by. The ball is caught in the bead seat discharging mouth, when no cover presses, beads in a loose state, free rolling, and downward moving the void point, when the outer cover is tightened Zhugai pressure ring seal with beads beads seat sealing ring in the tube body material seal does not flow out, but the ball seat of a storage bin and feed out in the open state, if the ball seat barn body and material accumulation in the inverted case will flow out. So please the manufacturers in the production process must pay attention to: in the bottle filling material to process pressure on the ball screw to the outer cover of the suite, not with the material of the bottle flat or inverted, when the pressure on the ball screw suite is not outside the cover when the bead seat outlet in the open state at this time, if the flat or inverted, the material body will after discharging into the storage bin, and then covered by the outer cover, material into the storage bin can go through outlet flow out.



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