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The Segmented Development Of Cosmetic Bottles Is A Trend

Dec 04, 2020

The segmented development of cosmetic bottles is a trend. The complex cosmetic bottle market has matured day by day, but can all the cosmetic bottles on the market meet the needs of all consumers? The answer is not fixed. The future cosmetics market should be increasingly segmented to meet the market needs of different regions and people.

   Regarding the segmented cosmetic bottle market in different regions, more cosmetics now follow the customs and economic growth of different places to subdivide products. On the packaging of cosmetic bottles at this moment, if the main point is to distinguish between the cost and material of the cosmetic bottle, and the design must not touch or violate the different religious customs.

   For people who are in disagreement, cosmetics have been gradually subdivided into men's cosmetics, girls' cosmetics, children's cosmetics, and elderly cosmetics. Different consumer groups have different market needs and consumption characteristics. Cosmetic bottles must also be designed in accordance with market segmentation in packaging. Men's cosmetic bottles are more masculine, common, and convenient. The girl's cosmetic bottles are more warm, romantic and colorful. Children's cosmetic bottles need to show more elements and children's psychological needs. For the cosmetic bottles for the elderly, it should show the humanized design and dominate convenience at the moment. We once said that cosmetic bottles are a "weapon" for cosmetics companies to pursue products. In the segmented cosmetics market, the design of cosmetic bottles suitable for the different needs of the cosmetics market also shows the skill of a company in the market.