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The Problem Of Plastic Bottle Recycling

Apr 20, 2018

Recycling plastic bottles also has the certain difficulty, the value of recycling and technology, make the market a variety of packaging marked "recycled" cannot be recycled, and the most recycling agencies headache is potato chips packing bottle, black plastic of raw food boxes and other meat to make it look more red was made of black plastic box; In addition, there are detergents, spray bottles, etc. It is difficult to decompose the products with metal first class, and become the recycling problem.

Now recycling is not just a puzzle for China; it has become a big problem in places like Britain and India. Many in the industry believe that the future will rely on two ways to solve the recycling problem: at that time to speed up the recovery technology of innovation, the second is to encourage product packaging design simplification, from the source to reduce the difficulty of the recycling,

Product packaging material types used, the more the recycling more difficult, now many existing recycling equipment is difficult to the different material separate it is difficult to identify, can only be applied to artificial pick, has finally been thrown away