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The Importance Of Plastic Bottle Design

Jan 26, 2018

The importance of plastic bottle design

The outer packing with the trend and characteristics of constantly updated, consumers are mostly based on visual consumption, consumers return to reason, let the packaging more beautiful and elegant; the packaging of consumer expectations, while satisfying the auxiliary function, more and more consumers, with environmental protection, packaging industry only, the new packaging strategy, market and efficient equipment the.

The top trend: personalization and differentiation, upgrading and recycling: the second life of packaging is simple, eye-catching, clear, and returning to the base is regular recurring trend. A clean design can convey information, make products shine and use simply.

Handwriting: fluid defects - such as irregular lines living in natural texture - can make a product show a bit of warmth and stand out.

Interesting plastic bottle packaging design: the key is to stimulate consumer desire to buy, people's living standard improvement of product packaging requirements are increasingly high, in the packaging design not only focus on the color and shape, but also make use of graphics and material performance, outstanding product packaging interest, the connotation of performance in product design, set up the brand image;

plastic bottle Emotional packaging design: in today's society, feelings between people become indifferent, lack of communication between each other, people are eager for emotion, hoping to get emotional satisfaction.

Many designs start from emotional experience to provide a sense of harmony and warmth. They use a cute appearance to create a sense of admiration and satisfy your emotional needs to a certain extent.



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