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The Importance Of Cosmetic Packaging To Products

Apr 20, 2018

Cosmetic bottles are a powerful tool for cosmetics enterprises to promote products, and the design of beautiful cosmetic packaging will attract consumers to a greater extent, which will help to improve the sales performance of enterprises. In addition to the appearance of cosmetic packaging, more and more enterprises now pay more attention to highlight product themes and lower carbon environmental protection.

With the development of the cosmetics market, the homogenization of cosmetics is becoming more and more obvious, and cosmetics manufacturers are producing less and less cosmetics, analysts said. Therefore, in cosmetic packaging bottles to increase kung fu, can highlight the product theme, attract consumers. In the segmented cosmetics market, the design of cosmetic bottles that meet the needs of different cosmetics market is more representative of a company's efforts in marketing.

On the exterior design, cosmetic packaging should be applied to different groups of consumers according to different consumer groups, and the aesthetic concepts and psychological feelings of different groups should be applied. The female cosmetic bottle should reflect warm, romantic, gentle characteristic more. Men's cosmetic bottles are more masculine, personal and easy to use. For old people use cosmetic bottles should be reflected in the humanized design and use convenience. Children's cosmetic bottles need to reflect more cartoon elements and psychological needs of children. In addition, in highlighting the theme, many domestic cosmetics manufacturers, such as herborist highlights traditional Chinese medicine, and European poetry highlights pearls, all forms their own ideas and characteristics.

Under the background of environmental protection industry, more and more enterprises choose low-carbon and environment-friendly packaging methods and packaging materials by increasing research and development technology. Industry well-known enterprises have hit the packing the slogan of environmental protection, using new technology, new material, the introduction of cleaner production mechanism, with green, environmental protection, low energy consumption, low pollution, low emission (economy) on the basis of the mode of production and product structure, to reduce carbon emissions, and realize the sustainable development of economy. From the beginning of packaging design, the enterprise should meet the requirements of simple, practical and green environmental protection.