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The Identification Method Of Acrylic Sheet

Jan 21, 2018

The identification method of acrylic sheet:

1, with the fire identification method: good acrylic material is not flammable, many other materials on the market to pretend to be acrylic materials;

2, glue edge identification method: good general acrylic sheet factory has a soft side, although there are some say is the acrylic sheet, but a lot of that production is to add some recycled acrylic scrap. The so-called joint plate;

3, thickness identification method: generally good acrylic plate is more than the thickness of the foot, the contrary thickness is insufficient, material is good is also to steal material;

4, transparent acrylic sheet identification method: good with light is pure white, not yellow or blue light, of course to white, light transmittance is also different;

Acrylic sheet 5, comparison of the difference of crisp, exposed to the weather soon fade, lose luster; there are many other simple methods, also hope that with your own eyes Venus to choose their own material