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The Future Of Cosmetic Packaging

Nov 21, 2020

Under the impact of the Internet economy, luxury packaging and expensive packaging are no longer popular with consumers. On the contrary, simple packaging, which fully reflects the cultural meaning of fast fashion, can better meet the needs of consumers.

Every holiday, the packaging hot discussion caused by the mid autumn moon cake and wine products once swept the headlines of the major media. In September this year, quality month, packaging issue once again became a big headline issue.

It has been disclosed that a Skin Lightening Whitening Cream of the local brand "baiqueling" in Shanghai has been judged as "over packaged", and three batches of candy chocolate and some imported special effects coffee gift boxes have been detected with unqualified packing void ratio.

The national requirement for over packaging of cosmetics is that the gap of cosmetic packaging should be less than 50%, and the number of packaging layers must be limited to less than 3 layers. In addition, there is a non mandatory standard, that is, the total cost of all packaging except the initial packaging should not exceed 12% of the selling price of the goods.

The purpose of cosmetics is to bring visual beauty to consumers. Therefore, gorgeous packaging can not make consumers pay. Hot advocate luxury packaging brand, too much of the mind spent on packaging, but the outer packaging and product quality presents a certain contrast contrast, to a certain extent, reduce the product grade. In addition, the consumption level has been rising constantly. In the current hot conduction fashion, young people only want to find products that meet their own aesthetic taste and the efficacy is higher than that expected by the outer packaging. Moreover, young people's current consumption channels are mainly online, and the evaluation of cosmetic packaging quality after opening express delivery often affects their judgment on whether the cosmetics are genuine.

E-box printing, which advocates fashion and simple packaging, also consciously combines the color box packaging design with the interior materials of the demander's products. In addition to meeting the requirements of green ecological and environmental protection packaging to a certain extent, it also designs special box types due to different interior materials. In color box printing, it also chooses the color elements that fit consumers' preferences at present, so as to truly achieve the goal from the perspective of end consumers To solve the sales problem for the demander.

Green environmental protection is no longer an empty slogan. Therefore, green ecological and environmental protection packaging has become a new trend in the development of packaging industry in the future. More and more attention has been paid to harmless, pollution-free and renewable environmental packaging. For example, for a brand of moisturizer, the environmental protection recyclable special-shaped packaging with E-box printing is selected. After taking out the moisturizing liquid, the outer packaging box can also be used as a storage box for secondary utilization, which greatly reduces the waste. It can be seen that whether the external packaging is in line with green environmental protection is becoming a new wave of cosmetics brand competition in the market.

It is not uncommon for low-key, simple and generous packaging. Eheyin, as a senior printing enterprise in the packaging and printing industry, has put forward the concept of packaging simplification and high-profile color after studying the relationship between packaging and product sales. Of course, from offline to online, from physical proofing to 60 second online 3D proofing, from 10 day delivery to 3-day shipment, from traditional printing to green environmental protection, the efforts of E-box printing can not be finished in one article.

What consumers want is to experience the light beauty of fast fashion while not lacking aesthetic feeling. In the same way, E-box printing can not provide luxury packaging of "nouveau riche", but can reflect the cultural meaning and values, with a strong personality color of packaging. "As the external image of a product, product packaging is a comprehensive reflection of brand concept, product characteristics and consumer psychology. It directly affects consumers' purchasing desire. It is still a good choice to establish the affinity between products and consumers by product packaging