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The Function Of Cosmetic Packaging

Nov 13, 2019

Cosmetics packaging refers to cosmetic containers (first class packaging) and perfume, cosmetics two level packaging. Cosmetics themselves are used to clean and beautify the human body without changing the structure of the human body. 

Cosmetics packaging is an international standard formulated by the international standardization organization, and it is subject to national or regional regulations. Cosmetics packaging must comply with laws and regulations. 

Cosmetic packaging includes primary packaging and secondary packaging. The primary packaging is a cosmetic container, which is used to contain cosmetics. Secondary packaging is the outer packaging of cosmetic containers. Cosmetic containers shall be marked with the name of the distributor, ingredients, defined storage, nominal content, product identification (e.g. batch number), warning tips and instructions for use. 

The supplementary packaging shall also be accompanied by the address of the distributor and information about the way in which the cosmetic works. Auxiliary packaging does not need to carry any product identification notice.

Cosmetic packaging