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The Function Of Adhesion Treatment Agent For PP Plastics

Jul 13, 2020

As for the non-polar and surface energy of PP materials, the industry has generally understood its impact, especially in the spraying process of PP plastics, which makes it difficult to form an effective binding coating between the paint and the substrate. At the same time, PP materials are relatively miscellaneous. For different PP materials, how does PP treatment agent improve the adhesion between paint film and substrate during spraying?

With different use and functional requirements, its application will be expanded through such forms as modification and additives. Therefore, in our opinion, in addition to pure PP materials, PP substrates also have PP fillers, modified PP materials and PP miscellaneous materials. PP is crystallinity and non-polar. After filling and modification, the surface properties become more complex, and it is difficult to oil the paint. Therefore, it is necessary to activate the substrate surface to obtain high-quality coating effect and yield.

We usually meet by adding adhesion promoter to the paint to improve the adhesion of PP, but the compatibility, stability and effect can not effectively meet the requirements, one-step solution. In terms of the use of PP plastic adhesion treatment agent, it is not added to the paint, but through the primer treatment, equivalent to the primer effect, better combination, and physical and chemical reactions between the substrate and the paint, so that the paint can adhere firmly on the surface. It can be used in the coating process of toys, car bumpers, cosmetics packaging materials and daily necessities made of PP materials.