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The Enterprise Should Ensure That The Acrylic Bottle Is Consistent With The Sample In Three Aspects

Jan 07, 2018

Generally speaking, the enterprise before the start of volume production of acrylic bottle, can according to the customer by the hungry design and manufacture of corresponding sample, in the design of life from the time of packing bottle, packaging bottle to ensure the produced in the following three aspects with the samples remain the same, the only way to do the packaging bottle quality assurance. To ensure that it can make the product packaging work in accordance with the requirements in the application of the:

Pattern: enterprises should ensure that the acrylic bottle in a pattern consistent with the sample, because the bottles are not arbitrary pattern design, taking into account all aspects of the brand, product and consumer preferences, and ultimately determine the needs of the enterprise, in the packaging bottle pattern side consistent with the sample, to ensure that the packaging the bottle made capable of showing the appearance design.

Color: the color of acrylic bottle is also considered after careful consideration. Finally, the difference of color will affect its overall visual effect, and then affect the sales of products. Therefore, enterprises are required to ensure that the packaged bottles are consistent with the samples in color.

Screw hole position: in order to ensure the normal use of the bottle made of acrylic, it can ensure reliable seal in the application, and there will be no such problems as emulsion leakage. It is required that the manufacturer ensure that the bottle made by the manufacturer is consistent with the sample on the screw hole.