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The Bottled Alliance Develops 100% Renewable PET Plastic Bottles

Apr 29, 2017

The bottled alliance develops 100% renewable PET plastic bottles

Recently, the world's leading health food company giant Dan in the food and beverage 

industry R & D field to reproduce the new move - together with another global bottling water 

giant Nestle, and a US research company Origin Materials formed "NaturALL bottled alliance" to 

jointly develop biological materials ( 100% sustainable, renewable resources) made of PET plastic

 bottles, and put it into commercial production.

It is reported that the project will use biomass raw materials, without taking up the resources

 needed for food production or land. This approach will be applied to the entire food and 

beverage industry, will become a major breakthrough in the field of science, called unprecedented.

 The current technology on the market can only produce PET plastic plastic content of not more 

than 30% of the plastic bottles, and the project's breakthrough technology is expected to build 

100% bio-plastic bottles and put it into commercial applications.

"We are committed to building a recycling economy for packaging by purchasing sustainable 

materials and recycling all plastics," said Frederic Joui, head of research and development at

 Danone Plastics Packaging Materials. "We firmly believe that the use of biomass packaging 

materials to replace traditional petrochemical materials The practice will be practical and

 the alliance will accelerate the development of 100% renewable, recyclable biomass PETplastic 

and put it into commercial operation.

To facilitate this technology to be used as quickly as possible, Danone and Nestlé will provide 

expertise, team and financial support for Origin Materials to help commercialize this new 

technology in the shortest possible time, benefiting the entire food and beverage industry.

"NaturALL bottled alliance" was established in recent years only in the "food resources and 

aquatic ecosystem" on the protection of an important measure. For decades, Dan has always been 

committed to the implementation of sustainable business model, and constantly improve their

 own environmental performance, and promote the development of circular economy. Its focus is 

on the development of new recyclable packaging solutions based on renewable resources, as well

 as the promotion of the recycling of resources.

It is reported that the three parties are actively working together to carry out relevant 

research, and continuously improve the plastic bottle of biomass material content, so 

that "100% biomass plastic bottle" is no longer a dream. The first batch of new biomass 

bottles will be put on the market in 2020.