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The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Plastic Cosmetic Bottles

Apr 27, 2018

Plastic bottles are usually made from seven materials, and because of their inherent characteristics, the bottles have their own characteristics. Plastic material is easy to shape, can be processed into various shapes, low cost, and easy to form the scale, can also be processed into a variety of colors. Plastic material printing function is very good, can choose heat transfer printing, inkjet, printing and other methods to print the instruction, identification, barcode directly in the container appearance; It can be made into various types of plastic containers such as bottles, cans and boxes. The appearance of cosmetic capsule is various, have ball, olive shape, heart, crescent shape, its colour is mixed, have crystal bright and clear, also have 7 colourful bead light, the appearance is very attractive. These packages provide a safer and more convenient way to spend money.

The defects of plastic containers is lit degrees than glass, but then gathered has ene stretch blow molding skill to overcome the defects of polyolefin blow molding bottle lit degree is not high, its characteristics of crystal and transparent has matches the glass bottle. COSMOPROF2003 exhibition held in March 2003 in Italy, HEINZ PLASTIS launched HEAVY modeled on the PET plastic bottles of texture and appearance, this kind of plastic bottles to choose PET injection molding processing skills, is the first kind of bottle grade arrived in MM wall thickness of plastic bottles. The bottle body is crystal clear and brightness, the appearance is very similar to the glass bottle, the wear resistance is also higher and higher.

In the past few years, the cosmetics packaging industry has been trying to develop a product that can both be useful to the skin care products and satisfy the needs of luxury novelty and appearance. The presentation of multilayer composite skills can satisfy both requirements. It makes the layers of different kinds of plastics can be combined together, once formed. With multilayer composite skills, our plastic packing air can be completely cut off the light, on the one hand it makes skin oxidation material, on the other hand kua good visual effect in appearance and handle together. The most popular packaging for skincare products was hoses and glass bottles. Hoses were only packaged in low-grade, low-grade packaging 15 years ago, and now even the most famous brands are being used. The hose produces economic convenience, easy to carry, suitable for the inclusion of emulsion and colloid.

Because all of the excellent function, plastic materials and composite materials to the application of cosmetics packaging plan is more and more big, the plastic products are now own more than most cosmetics packaging market, become the most primary in cosmetics packaging container.