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Teach You How To Clean Vacuum Bottles Efficiently

Nov 08, 2017

Teach you how to clean vacuum bottles efficiently

The vacuum bottle used in the field of cosmetics is the most widely used, but people often contact cosmetics, vacuum bottle is difficult to clean, if the cleaning is not clean, some cosmetics residue in the bottle for a long time, it is easy to breed bacteria, can not be used again, I enumerate several cleaning methods for everyone.

First, rice washing

First in about 1/4 of the water in the bottle, then put in ten grain rice, widowed bottle cap hard shake for two or three minutes, the bottle can also be inverted to shake up and down, so that the bottle will wash more fully. Finally, pour the water out of the bottle and rinse it several times with clean water. This method is the most simple and convenient. If there are too many residues in the bottle, you can repeat it several times.

Second, broken chicken eggshell

The rest of the egg shell egg consumption can also be utilized, the egg shell crush into the bottle and then add boiling water, the water must be boiling water, boil a few times, the effect is good.

Third. Rinse with vinegar

Everybody vinegar also has very good cleaning effect, for vacuum bottle is also the same, add a proper amount of vinegar shake in the bottle, after several times, then rinse with clean water will be good. Here you need to pay attention to vinegar is used too much, the remaining vinegar in the bottle will be more heavy flavor.

The above three kinds of cleaning vacuum bottle method is relatively easy to operate, in daily life is also very useful, hope to help you.



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