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Strict Standards For Plastic Cosmetic Bottle Packaging

Apr 19, 2019

In the plastic bottle packaging market, cosmetic bottle is a special field. Comparing with other types of plastic bottles, the production threshold of cosmetic bottles is generally not high. Because of the particularity of packaging products, cosmetic bottles have certain requirements for manufacturers engaged in cosmetic bottles in all aspects of technical capital. There are also certain thresholds, which are not accessible by any one manufacturer. There are high parameters for cosmetic bottles. If the packaging quality is not up to standard, once it is out of the market. The leakage of existing products will cause very serious consequences.

It is the particularity of cosmetic bottle packaging that makes it necessary to establish strict market access standards for cosmetic bottle packaging products and elaborate formulation of various fields involved in cosmetics. At the same time, for manufacturers engaged in the production of cosmetic bottles to establish access thresholds, and strengthen product supervision and monitoring.

At the same time, we hope that domestic manufacturers engaged in the production of cosmetic bottles can invest more human and material resources in product research and development, and promote the upgrading of the performance of domestic cosmetic bottle packaging products. This is not only conducive to the progress of domestic packaging industry, but also conducive to the export of domestic cosmetic bottles.



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