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Small Dropper Cosmetic Bottles Are Popular In The Market

Sep 11, 2020

A: the skin care products of dropper cosmetic bottle will easily give people the association of laboratory medicine bottles. In addition, the liquid drop produced by the drip tube can be calculated by "drop". It often has more precise "small" effect than the pressed bottle. If it is concentrated Jing Hua liquid, the usage can be reduced to "drop" to calculate, which is more suitable for small dropper cosmetic bottle, of course. This will also give consumers a more "pure" feeling. The way in which the dropper is used will minimize the amount of absorption each time, so it is suitable for use in more concentrated liquid essence products. As for today's small bottles of cosmetic bottle, which are the real "strength faction" and which are used as marketing gimmicks, we need to see whether the essence contained in their bottles is enough to "concentrate".

Q: In daily maintenance, how do you feel about the skin care products of eyedropper cosmetic glass bottle?

A: a good dropper cosmetic bottle skin care product, even if you use 1~2 drops, it can fully extend the whole face of the skin. At the same time, its liquid texture will have a faster absorption effect than cream essence. For example, Paris L'OREAL's "small gold bottle" - Jinzhi Zhen Yan essence, it can completely extend the face and neck skin with only a few drops each time, and feel the source of this article. In the Chinese packaging bottle net skin immediately moisturizes, the fine line desalination effect. The drawback of a small dropper cosmetic bottle is that when it is finally unable to absorb the essence, the essence of 1/10 may still be left at the bottom of the bottle. At this time, it is recommended to remove the dropper and then pour the essence out of the bottle directly. However, it is necessary to use up the remaining essence of the dropper as soon as possible, so as to avoid any qualitative change.

Q: Usually in what circumstances need to choose a bottle of "small dropper cosmetic bottle" for the skin, and how to select the "small dropper cosmetic bottle" suitable for your skin?

A: It still depends on the content of skin care products in the small dropper cosmetic bottle. With the current drip tube skin care products, the functions have been expanded to moisturize, repair, anti wrinkle, whitening and many other aspects. Therefore, the first consideration is to choose according to your actual skin care needs. In addition, due to its pure texture, it is recommended that the dosage should not be too much. Often, a few drops (the amount of a tube) is enough. If you use too much, the effect will not be better, and there is a risk of waste. Because the quality of the small bottle cosmetic bottle is partial liquid and absorbs quickly, it is suitable for all skin uses. But if it is a partial dry skin, then it is recommended to apply a lotion cream with water blocking effect to make the small dropper cosmetic bottle play a better skin care benefit.