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Plastic Bottles In The Daily Application Of The Industry

Apr 29, 2017

Plastic bottles in the daily application of the industry

China's accession to the WTO, the global brand management has become an important strategy

 for international competition. Brand development, brand education and brand innovation and 

other issues are increasingly subject to the attention of domestic enterprises, Chinese 

enterprises continue to explore, in innovation and development. With the improvement of 

people's consumption level and the enhancement of consumption ability, the production and 

sales of cosmetics and washing products have been unprecedentedly developed, and the market

 competition has become more and more intense. In order to expand the sales of their products,

 in the fierce market competition Occupy a place, it is racking their brains, in the cosmetics,

washing supplies packaging up and down enough effort, it needs high-quality packaging materials 

to enhance its worth. In recent years, due to the rapid development of plastic bottles in the 

design, decoration, material selection, molding technology and technology, it is in the 

cosmetics, detergent packaging applications more and more widely in the packaging materials 

in the role and status of more and more The more prominent.

    1. Heavy packaging marketing design, improve product competitiveness

    Consumers because of age, gender, occupation, culture, economic level and other differences,

 their shopping psychology is also different. Therefore, should be based on product 

positioning and consumer groups to determine the different packaging design strategy. First,

 a series of packaging, detergents, especially shampoo, often composed of different functions 

with a variety of products, the pattern is completely consistent, only different colors marked 

different functions. For example, Rejoice "Shouwu black hair" bottle of black, gives the

 image of the hair of the black hair ... Crow "moisture dandruff" is green, giving a fresh 

visual effect. Second, the combination of equipment, that is, the use of related products 

concentrated in a large bag at the same time sales, shampoo and hand sanitizer or shower gel

 and a facial cleanser to install a transparent small handbag, the price is slightly cheaper 

than the sale of a single product The The establishment of simulation shelves, inspection 

packaging design aesthetic degree is Procter & Gamble Company commonly used books, very worthy

 of domestic enterprises for reference

    2. The variety of plastic bottle specifications to meet the different levels of consumption

    As the cosmetics market competition intensified, the manufacturers in the cosmetics 

packaging investment is growing. For medium and low-grade cosmetics, in order to meet the 

different needs of the size of packaging containers show the diversity of capacity to facilitate 

the choice of consumers ... Crow for high-end products, small containers to carry out

 packaging to meet the needs of low-income people. Relatively speaking, the amount of shampoo 

and shower gel more, 500-750ml of the family equipment is also very common.

    3. The diversity of plastic materials to meet the needs of different product packaging

    Ordinary cosmetics, washing supplies packaging containers, the vast majority of 

high-density polyethylene HDPE. In order to meet the packaging requirements of different products,

 plastic bottles are also increasingly rich in the use of materials.

    As the transparent container allows consumers to clearly see the contents, so consumers

 are more and more transparent container requirements, and transparent polypropylene CPP is 

to meet this requirement of the main material, PP transparent bottle development is close 

Several years of domestic and foreign plastic packaging a hot spot. Compared with other 

transparent plastic resin, CPP is a quality and cheap, highly competitive new products. Highly

 transparent polypropylene container, with good transparency and gloss, appreciate the strong,

 popular. Such as Icalu herbal series is used in such containers, through the transparent 

bottle wall and shampoo, you can see the back of the wall paste the green oil grass image, 

people feast for the eyes.

    Transparent PET plastic bottles have also become the same day and cosmetics manufacturers 

competing to use the packaging container. Such as Na Aisi, blue moon, open rice and Tu Jingmin 

and some other enterprises and brands of shower gel, skin care products, washing products are 

the first to use the PET material packaging containers. PET bottles have the following 

characteristics 1 wide range of capacity, through the stretch blow molding process to 

produce high-strength, high transparent plastic bottles, commonly used capacity range from 

tens of milliliters to 2 liters bottle; 2 transparency and gloss, Has a good plasticity, 

impact resistance and dimensional stability, chemical stability, good gas barrier; 3PET bottle 

feel soft.

    4. In-mold labeling technology to improve the application of cosmetics, detergent packaging 


    In-mold labeling technology has been a considerable time in foreign applications, and

 its in-mold labeling production and in-mold labeling machine production has been very mature,

 in-mold label is a different from the traditional label packaging of the new Label packaging

 form Traditional label packaging forms are mainly heat shrinkable label packaging, self-adhesive 

label packaging and direct screen printing label packaging? Snow, his appearance to the label 

packaging brings a very significant revolution. 3, to simplify the production process, 

greatly improving the production efficiency, 4, to improve the quality of the product, the

 color of the label is more vivid, feel smooth, 3, simplify the production process, greatly

 improving the production efficiency, 4, In-mold labeling products practical, low loss, will 

not be standard, broken, and a waterproof, anti-oil, Naisuan Jian, friction, throw, labels and

 products can be recycled at the same time, simplifying the regeneration process, taking into 

account the Environmental protection. At present, there are more and more domestic cosmetics,

 detergent manufacturers choose in-mold labeling plastic bottles to packaging their products, 

such as Wuhan silk Po company, the United States and jade, Guangzhou Blue Moon and other

 enterprises is the first use of in-mold labeling of the enterprise One of the current silk

 companies all use in-mold labeling plastic containers. In-mold labeling technology in cosmetics,

 cleaning supplies, household chemicals and other industries will be more and more widely, 

more and more consumers of all ages.

    5. Some cosmetics use spray packaging and other forms of packaging to facilitate the use 

of consumers

    Cosmetics packaging more and more attention to the structure of the container design and 

accessories design, so that consumers in a variety of environments, easy to hold, easy access.

 For example, the use of mousse, perfume and other cosmetics, often in the form of spray 

packaging to facilitate quantitative access.

    6. Development and application of green packaging materials

    With the enhancement of environmental awareness and the introduction of national 

environmental policies, the production of environmentally friendly green plastic containers

 will become a development trend. Through the study, biodegradation technology and extrusion 

blow molding technology combined to develop a biodegradable plastic containers, the product of 

the technical performance indicators in line with the requirements of plastic container products,

 highlighting the ordinary plastic containers can not Biodegradable function, in line with 

national development of green packaging materials industry policy. Products used by the market, 

reflecting the good, is currently cosmetics, washing and other products on the packaging bottle

 push factory use.

    7. Nano-modified plastic containers

    In the production of plastic containers of raw materials, add a certain percentage of

 nano-materials, can improve the physical and chemical properties of plastic containers, 

especially the barrier, chemical resistance and anti-ultraviolet properties such as 

anti-ultraviolet has been greatly improved, the toughness of the container Has been strengthened, 

while reducing the cost of a certain product is very competitive.

    The current products in the washing class packaging containers to promote the use of the 

effect is obvious.

    8. Development of antibacterial plastic bottles for packaging

    Cosmetics, cleaning products and other products generally longer cycle, in the repeated 

use of the process, the container surface will often produce bacterial breeding, affecting the

 user's health. The purpose of the development of antibacterial plastic bottles is to inhibit 

the production of bacteria on the surface of the container. After the development, we will be

 inorganic metal antibacterial agent evenly dispersed in the blowing of raw materials, improved

 blow molding process, to produce antibacterial plastic containers, with antibacterial effect

 of long, antibacterial effect and good anti-bacterial characteristics. The product has been 

tested, antibacterial rate of 99% or more, the product is very popular with the market, can be

 widely used in cosmetics, cleaning supplies and pharmaceutical products such as packaging.


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