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Physical And Mechanical Properties Of PET Plastic Bottles

Apr 07, 2018

1. The sealing

The PET plastic bottle should have good tightness, and the mass loss rate of its contents is <1%; Co2 loss rate <15%. The air permeability of a PET plastic bottle with high barrier properties is less than 0.071%mg/(kg.24h. 0.1mpa). Vapor permeability <0.1g/24h.

2. Drop performance

Inject carbon dioxide aqueous solution of nominal capacity of PET plastic bottles, are stored in (21-25), (3-5) 24 h, free drop height is 2 m, fell behind the bottle is not broken, not broken, do not loose bottle base, bottle can still stand.

3. Base bonding.

A PET plastic bottle with a pedestal, its pulling force >90n; Its torsion distance is >8.5N.m.

4. The light transmittance

The transmittance of PET plastic bottle was >85% and fog <3%.