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PET Plastic Bottles - High Quality Plastic Bottles Make Your Life Better

Apr 29, 2017

PET plastic bottles - high quality plastic bottles make your life better

PET bottles through the blow molding re-processing to form plastic bottles, including food,

 candy, spices, health products, pharmaceuticals, reagents, beverages, mineral water and 

other packaging bottles used, this bottle method is called two-step method, Forming a preform,

 and then blow molding to form a PET plastic bottle.

High-quality PET plastic bottles should have the following characteristics:

    ⑴ bottle appearance

    Bottle end surface should be smooth, no damage to the gap, thread integrity, complete 

crystal, no flash, no spinning, no deformation, internal and external should not have oil.

    ⑵ bottle body

    Good shape, high transparency, no bubbles, black spots, oil, stiff, abrasions, hard ring, 

atomization, white, colored bottles should be uniform color, no obvious color.

    ⑶ bottom of the bottle

    Forming a good, no sag, no protrusion, no center shop deviation, the bottom of the

 bottle without rupture, no stratification.

    ⑷ health

    The bottle looks clean, dry, no oil and no dust, no smell, no impurities in the bottle.

    ⑸ after filling appearance

    Bottle and bottle without shrinkage deformation, no flat bottle, no side wall deformation, 

no convex bottom, no depression.


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