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Packaging Characteristics Of Male Cosmetic Bottles

Oct 18, 2017

Packaging characteristics of male cosmetic bottles

As more and more men begin to pay attention to beauty maintenance, the market of female cosmetic market has slowed down, and the male cosmetic market has been paid more attention. This also puts forward new requirements for cosmetics bottle packaging manufacturers, according to the market trends, pay attention to the development of male cosmetics bottle packaging design and market development.

For male cosmetic bottle packaging, some features are more obvious. First of all, male cosmetics outside or go out to travel with much higher probability of female cosmetics which need male cosmetics are more resistant to breakage, and better use convenience, comprehensive such requirements, apparently cosmetic plastic bottle wall glass bottle with male cosmetics cosmetics bottle packaging requirements. At the same time, in order to carry out convenience, we believe that the current market of male cosmetics bottle general capacity is relatively large, small capacity cosmetics bottle packaging may be more suitable for market demand. Secondly, the appearance of male cosmetic bottle packaging should also be different from the exquisite grade of female cosmetic bottle packaging, and the practical appearance is more in line with the needs of male consumers.

For male cosmetics bottle packaging, the majority of domestic cosmetics bottle manufacturers do not have too much experience, need to understand the market through in-depth understanding of more customer needs.



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