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Making Method Of Acrylic Organic Glass

Jan 21, 2018

(1) paste method:

After cutting acrylic organic glass into a certain shape, it is pasted on the plane.

(2) hot pressing method:

After heating the acrylic plexiglass sheet, hot pressing in the mold. The arts and crafts made by this modeling method have the characteristics of full shape, smooth curve and strong three-dimensional sense, and have the effect of embossing. Hot pressing die can be molded with wood and oil mud, and then cast lead, 3lian material, gypsum material as Yin and Yang mould, acrylic organic glass to be pressed after heating.

(3) inlay method:

The acrylic organic glass block with different colors is cut into the desired geometric figure, which is mosaic and spliced on the floor. This method requires strict splicing, I argue that it can receive a strong color, but the effect of a whole integration.

(4) vertical grinding method:

After bonding the rod - acrylic organic glass or the thick - plate acrylic plexiglass, it is directly grinded and polished on the grinding wheel. The arts and crafts made with this method are similar to some kind of sculptures, which form a unique artistic image by the rich and colorful surface shape.

(5) broken grinding method:

The sheet - shaped acrylic plexiglass is overlapped and pasted together, and then the cross section is sharpening directly. This method made crafts can be changeable color and natural effect.

(6) heat simmering:

The acrylic plexiglass processing to shape the acrylic organic glass heating, direct hand rapid forming system, wo. Some laws require the bamboo, the composition of agile, coherent. The arts and crafts made with this method have the advantages of smooth lines, simple image and so on.

The above methods can be used alternately. According to the artistic requirements of the design, the best method is set.