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List Of Cosmetics Maintenance Knowledge

Jun 24, 2018

Away from the bathroom
    Bathroom  air humidity is often very high, high humidity environment is not  conducive to the safety of cosmetics, in the summer season, even prone  to moisture, mildew, water phenomenon. In addition to cleaning products, skin care products and makeup products should be kept away from the wet bathroom. More commonly used cosmetics can be placed on a dressing table, and less frequently used in a drawer. Buy it now, don't hoard it.
    Mascara has a life of 6 months
    After  more than 6 months, mascara should be eliminated because mascara has to  be pulled continuously, which makes the mascara easily indestructible;  in addition, mascara close to the eyes, dry or hardened has an effect on  the skin. Therefore, the mascara used in Kaifeng cannot be used for more than six months.
Pay attention to sun protection
    Like  makeup, it is a standard nine-to-five office family. Even in midsummer,  you can use sunscreen foundation without using sunscreen. Because  the nine-to-five OLs, only on the way to work in the morning and  evening to touch the sun, coated with sunscreen and painted foundation,  is a double layer of airtight, double the oil causing the skin to double  the waste. When using sunscreen foundation directly, there are three things to note:
    Must  choose a foundation with sun protection function, the index is best  SPF15, PA++ can both anti UVA and UVB UV protection foundation.
    Skin care products also need to be adjusted, to choose water quality, gel, emulsion products, light but also oil-free.