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Knowledge On Cosmetic Box

Dec 24, 2019

Bar code is equivalent to our ID card number, which is unique. If you understand the bar code correctly, you will not be afraid to cheat us by buying it on behalf of others. For example, the prefix of barcode represents the country or region of production.

For example: America: 00-13 is America and Canada; Europe: 30-37 is France; 400-440 is Germany; 50 is Britain; 80-83 is Italy; 84 is Spain; 76 is Switzerland; Asia: 45-49 is Japan; 690-693 is China; 880 is South Korea; 885 is Thailand.

The shelf life of cosmetics should also be noted. If you use them slowly and think about using them after a long time, the cosmetics may cause damage to your delicate skin.

There will be a "12m" mark on the cosmetic box, which means the use period after opening is 12 months, while the validity period on the outer package is the storage time when it is not opened.

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