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It's Good To Use A Wide Mouth Bottle Or A Drip Bottle

Jan 28, 2018
Cosmetics bottles with a jar or a dropper bottle, many things, some people say this: cosmetics bottle jar packing just figure "regards", will make all the useful component failure editing concept: think that the most common general cosmetics bottle jar would bring about a "war", since the cosmetic bottle jar so easily stained, digging stick also can not escape! We are not living in a sterile landscape image, the party dug and dug by hand are all the same, the condition is the guarantee to dig tool clean degree, and after each open bottle caps, to immediately put the caps with the quickest speed. Be careful to store it, so you don't have to deny it all.

Someone has said that: cosmetic bottles jar packaging is clear, as long as the inside is cream if primary refers to the bottle mouth is extraordinarily open big, you can directly with finger out to dig, see more at face cream, mask, and the great basin of your home.

Jar, cosmetics bottle refers to the bottle mouth open a lot of cosmetics bottles, ratios are a lot of net friend refers to such bottle looks nice, but to save the useful composition of cosmetic impregnation, background was intended - let us from what is jar first class leader.

Because the visual end of the jars is double atmospheric and luxurious, many brands adopt such packaging to enhance the brand image, which is more explicit and is the forward price. And some of the useful ingredients are the antioxidants that touch the air and the air will fail, and the most expensive ingredient is unfocused. In the time when the finger is monopolized, large areas of contact with the product can also cause contamination. It is better not to use your fingers to dig up the skin care products in the bottle to prevent bacteria from contaminating the unhelpful part of the bottle, and to advocate for a bully or disposable cotton swab.