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Is The Plastic Bottle Packaging Material Degradable?

Apr 27, 2018

For plastic bottle packaging, the current global market demand is still growing. However, for plastic bottle packaging, it is a problem of biodegradable. As we all know, it takes hundreds of years for plastic to break down under existing natural conditions. This is a cautionary tale. We know that plastic bags were banned in China because of their "white pollution". In order to achieve sustainable development, plastic bottle manufacturers must solve the problem of materials themselves. Plastic bottle packaging has long been a mass-production model, and plastic bottlers can only rely on mass production to win profits, as individual plastic bottles are very cheap. At the same time, plastic bottles need to be molded through the mold, so if you need a personalized plastic bottle, you need to re-open it.

In addition, plastic bottles can not only be used as a single function of packaging, they need to add additional functions to improve the sustainability and innovation of products. For example, in the area of food plastic bottles, the preservation function of food bottles should be enhanced. Can effectively extend the shelf life of food. Plastic bottle manufacturers can improve the freshness of the container by vacuity of plastic bottles. For beverage PET bottles, to improve the insulation performance of plastic bottles, especially in the winter, heating heating growing need of beverage bottles, plastic bottles manufacturers need to improve in this area.

In conclusion, for plastic bottle packaging, the key is to solve the degradability of the material itself, so as to improve the competitiveness of plastic bottle packaging, and the relevant performance of plastic bottle needs to be improved appropriately.