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Introduction To The Stamping Process On Cosmetic Bottles

May 11, 2018

  Hot stamping, also known as hot stamping, is a printing decoration process. To heat a metal plate, place the foil on a printed matter and print out a gold text or pattern. Is the use of the principle of thermal transfer, the electrochemical aluminum in the aluminum layer transfer to the surface of substrates to form a special metal effect, because of the hot stamping using electrochemical aluminum foil is the main material, so hot stamping is also called electrochemical aluminum hot stamping.

With the rapid development of hot stamping foil and packaging industry, the application of electrochemical aluminium stamping is becoming more and more extensive. , such as: book covers hot stamping, bronzing, gift boxes of cigarettes, alcohol, clothing trademark and boxes of hot stamping, greeting card, invitation CARDS, pen bronzing etc., its color and pattern, also can be customized according to specific requirements page. The base material of hot stamping includes general paper, gold, silver ink printing paper, plastic (PE, PP, PVC, engineering plastics such as ABS), leather, wood and other special materials.

Anodized aluminum foil is mainly used to heat and pressure to transfer patterns or words to the surface of the printed material. A hot stamping machine is needed to complete the process, and engraved with special words or patterns of hot stamping templates (such as zinc plate, copper plate, silica gel, etc.), heated to the required temperature, pressure and keep the corresponding transfer need elbow room. It should be noted that when printing different materials, the appropriate type of aluminum should be selected, and the appropriate temperature, pressure and stamping time should be selected to achieve the desired stamping effect. The main characteristics, application and use of electrochemical aluminum should be paid attention to:

The characteristics of bronzing: clear and beautiful design, bright color, wear-resisting and waiting. The application of bronzing technology accounts for more than 85% of the printed cigarette. However, in graphic design, it can be used to make the finishing point and highlight the design theme, especially for trademark and registered name, and the effect is more significant.

Product application:

1. Ordinary gold, laser gold stamping. Can be used in most products, including gold card, silver card, laser card and glass card printing, its application is more common.

2. Position holographic bronzing. The holographic laser positioning electrochemical is a special process application in the design, with the corresponding anti-counterfeiting pattern, which can greatly improve the anti-counterfeiting ability of the product, and also improve the grade of the product. This kind of electrochemical aluminium is domestic production commonly, compare with foreign import goods, price is cheaper, but the performance of foil is slightly worse. The holographic laser positioning aluminum has a great relationship with the stamping temperature, the control of the stamping pressure and the speed, and even the bronzing model.

3. Special application of electrochemical aluminium in process. Hot stamping is a new idea in the design and printing industry. The application of this technology has a high requirement on the electrochemical aluminum, in addition to hot stamping location accurate, smooth shiny surface, pressure balance, uniform, no blister, do not paste version requirements, but also special attention to the hot stamping design edge cannot have obvious indentation, bronzing electrochemical aluminum in should have good adhesion to the surface of hot stamping, and no obvious rub and scratch the phenomenon such as flower.

As you all know, the stamping process is actually a process of paper heating and compression. For white card, glass card, special attention should be paid to the protection of semi-finished products, try to minimize the deformation of the paper in the process of production of various unfavorable factors, so that after the hot stamping process smoothly, the improvement of product percent of pass are of great help.

In the application of bronzing process, it is necessary to improve the working efficiency in production, especially the process improvement of large quantity products. In hot stamping, UV light oil surface directly to UV light oil, and the process itself bronzing electrochemical aluminum requirements quite high, in the light oil coating, attention should be paid to control the size of the oil, light oil coating as far as possible to ensure the whole batch of products is relatively stable, and reservoirs to thin and flat; For electrochemical aluminum used to hot stamping, high temperature resistant, it has very good adhesion, and light oil has good hot stamping eligibility (light oil used in the resin types match the hot stamping in the electrochemical aluminum hot melt glue). In all of the products, the technology application range is small, in addition, the electrochemical aluminum in gold, silver and dumb oil on the ink stamping surface of hot stamping and hot stamping electrochemical aluminum has high requirements, if hot stamping or rough surface with large surface printing ink particles, will directly affect hot stamping.