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Introduction Of Antibacterial Properties Of Spray Plastic Bottles

Sep 04, 2017

Spray plastic bottle has a variety of specifications, can meet the needs of different consumption levels. Now the cosmetics market competition is fierce, the various manufacturers in the cosmetics packaging into more and more, in order to meet the needs of different users, spray plastic bottle size corresponding also appeared in different specifications, convenient for the user to choose.

The spray plastic bottle is used to spray the liquid in the bottle, so that the waste can be reduced and the contact area can be increased, and the utility model is more suitable for the use of the modern cosmetics industry. In the raw material production of spray plastic bottle, add a certain proportion of nano materials, physical and chemical properties that can improve the spraying of plastic bottles, especially with barrier properties, good chemical corrosion resistance performance and UV resistance performance, the corresponding spray plastic bottle toughness also be improved accordingly, at the same time the processing cost is reduced to some extent, this product will be more competitive.

The use cycle of spray plastic bottles is generally longer, and in the course of repeated use, the surface of plastic bottles is easy to produce some bacteria, affecting the health of users. Cangzhou Yikang developed antibacterial spray plastic bottles can always produce surface bacteria, is in the processing time of said metal inorganic antimicrobial agent dispersed in the blowing of raw materials, improved blow molding production process, production of plastic bottles with spray antibacterial, antibacterial time, good antibacterial effect, antibacterial spectrum the advantage of good performance.

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