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Ingenious Design Of Spray Plastic Bottle

Sep 12, 2018

Plastic bottles are now indispensable containers in life, there will be plastic bottles in all aspects of life, plastic bottles have been ubiquitous, many styles are diverse, but there is a kind of plastic bottle invention can be said to be unique, that is, spray plastic bottles. Some of the things in the bottle are volatile and often open the cap and cap when they are used, which leads to the waste of volatilization of the things in the bottle; some of the solutions are put in the container, not too much at a time when they are used, or need a large area when they are used, then the spray plastic bottle can be used completely. Solve these problems.

The design of spray plastic bottle is actually very simple, and the basic principle is the principle of pipeline pumping. The main design is in the bottle mouth, that is, to install a bottle head at the bottle mouth. The bottle head relies mainly on a spanner. The handle can trigger a small pump, and then the water pump is connected to a plastic pipe. The suction tube can suck up the contents of the bottle from the bottom of the reservoir, which can only be directed at liquid or viscous emulsion. The pump then presses the liquid into a narrow chamber and ejects it from the orifice of the sprayer nozzle. The viscosity of the liquid determines the size of the nozzle and the thickness of the plastic tube.

In the design of spray plastic bottle, the movable part of the hydraulic pump is a piston, which is located in a cylindrical hydraulic cavity. There is a small spring in the hydraulic cavity. In order to make the hydraulic pump run, the wrench should be pulled back first, so that the piston is pushed into the hydraulic cavity. The moving piston compresses the spring and when the wrench is released, the piston is pushed back. The two stroke of the piston entering and leaving the hydraulic chamber forms a complete pump circulation outside the hydraulic chamber.



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