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If The Price Of A Plastic Bottle Is A Bare Bottle

Apr 27, 2018

The plastic bottle is in the common sense of people, it is the beverage bottle that is commonly seen, drink water cup these, and above have very beautiful design or logo to have the cover with matching.

Beautiful plastic bottles can be found everywhere on alibaba platform and taobao, and the order is made for delivery.

Customers who buy products on these platforms see pictures that are quite beautiful, and the pictures are attractive. Also do not seek customer service consultation, feel the price reasonable pay.

Familiar with plastic industry old customers will know, if order to buy, buy to return is naked bottle, no bottle printing figure and lid, these all belong to plastic bottles and some of the additional process.

The first time you buy a plastic bottle, it's not clear what a naked bottle and a quote are. Naked bottle price means, according to the production process of a plastic bottle, what is the material required for the production of a bottle, the weight of the material quote price, not including cover and screen printing hot stamping label and so on the process.

Why do you quote the price of bare bottle only? At this point we have a plastic products factory, and the customers we do not know about. The current plastic bottle orders, is the processing custom product, is not the goods of the existing inventory, The Times changes too quickly, the customer demand for the plastic bottle is endless. What kind of requirements do the customers ask? We can manufacture the goods according to the requirements.

, for example, some simple small capacity of the spray bottles, capacity of 60 ml for common, usually USES mostly is transparent PET material, bearing the company logo, design, and so on, these are all customers to provide the original documents, we'll add additional process price according to the file, the original offer is a transparent plastic bottle, without cover and other crafts.

When a customer there are some other requirements, such as bronzing, hot silver, labeling, logo printing, and so on these processes, and the cover pump head these, choose what kind of plastic raw materials are independent accounting unit price, add up all these are covered in each platform saw that has pattern, a bottle logo as a whole.