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How To Use Disinfectant Correctly

Jun 09, 2020

Principles of Disinfectant Use

1. The personnel in charge of disinfection work in government departments, communities, public places, etc. shall strictly follow the instructions for disinfection products, use disinfectants scientifically and reasonably in accordance with relevant regulations, and avoid and reduce the abuse of disinfectants.

2. Disinfection products can only be used on the objects marked in the instruction manual, and cannot be used beyond the scope.

3. Each disinfectant should be used separately, do not mix different kinds of disinfectants.

4. The disinfectant shall be prepared in strict accordance with the concentration of the instruction to ensure the shortest disinfection time of the instruction.

5. Human skin disinfection is mainly for bare parts such as hands, so it is not necessary to carry out whole body disinfection. It is better to use the disinfectant from the market, such as 75% alcohol, iodophor and hydrogen peroxide disinfectant. Do not prepare the disinfectant by yourself for skin disinfection.

6. The family should keep the disinfectant safely. Do not use the beverage bottle to contain the disinfectant. The disinfectant should be placed in a cool place which is not available to children.

7. When preparing and using high concentration disinfectant in special occasions, or using disinfectant for a long time, appropriate protective articles shall be worn, such as gas mask (note not mask), protective gloves (latex or rubber gloves can be used instead of cotton or cotton gloves). Do not wear appropriate protective equipment, do not prepare and use disinfectants in confined space.

First aid principle of common disinfectant poisoning

If the disinfectant is abused, the scientific preparation and use method of the disinfectant is not mastered, or there is no safety measure for the disinfectant stored in the family, or the disinfectant is stored in a drink bottle, which causes the misuse of the disinfectant by others, the disinfectant can be poisoned. Most disinfectant poisoning can be cured quickly after reasonable treatment, and only a few (such as a large number of disinfectants taken by mistake, mixed with chlorine disinfectants and acid in a narrow space) will cause obvious damage to organs, even life-threatening. First aid measures available include:

1. Respiratory tract inhalation contacts, immediately from the toxic environment, to fresh air.

2. In case of contact with skin and mucous membrane (including eyes), wash with large amount of flowing water for more than 10 minutes.

3. Oral contact, oral milk, rice porridge and other protection of gastrointestinal mucosa.

4. If the patient is exposed to a large dose or the symptoms do not improve continuously, they should be sent to the hospital immediately for further treatment.

Relevant knowledge:

Alcohol is inflammable. What should we pay attention to when using it

It is understood that the flash point of 80% ethanol is 19 ℃, which is also said to be 17.5 ℃. Therefore, great attention should be paid to the use, transportation and storage process. Open fire and smoking are prohibited. The more the temperature exceeds the flash point, the greater the risk of ignition. Therefore, in the use of ethanol, we should pay attention to avoid open fire, and should not spray too much in large area to avoid fire. Open fire and smoking must be strictly prohibited in production and storage areas.

When ethanol is used, to prevent evaporation, the maximum capacity of the container in the ward shall be 500ml, the maximum capacity in the operating room shall be 1L, and it shall be put into the wall distributor. In the healthcare system, it is recommended to provide a non leaking pocket bottle with a capacity of no more than 100 ml and distribute it to the medical staff separately.

84 precautions for disinfectant

84 disinfectant is another highly effective disinfectant, the main component is sodium hypochlorite, the effective chlorine content is 5.5% to 6.5%, which can be widely used in hotels, tourism, hospitals, food processing industries, families and other health disinfection. Its disinfection principle is: sodium hypochlorite has strong oxidation, can be hydrolyzed to produce strong oxidation hypochlorite, can oxidize reducing substances, so that microorganisms eventually lose function, can not reproduce or infect.

5. In the specific use process, we should pay attention to: 84 disinfectant has certain irritation and corrosiveness, it can only be used after being diluted, and it has irritation to the skin, and gloves should be worn when using.