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How To Properly Handle Cosmetic Bottles?

May 16, 2019

These empty bottles can be used completely for waste. I like to collect all kinds of bottles and cans. Sometimes the boxes sent to the courier will be saved, and if not, they will come in handy. Many cosmetic bottles are beautiful. When I decided to buy some kind of cosmetics, I didn't rule out that I bought it because I liked it.
Sometimes collecting these things can be surprising. Once I sold the extra unwanted cream I bought on the spare fish. A sister said that she likes the packaging of my cream and wants to buy packaging. I was shocked because I bought two of this cream. After using one, the other didn't want to use it, so I sold it. Fortunately, all the boxes that were used up before are still there. So, a lot of things, one day keeping it useful.
Some of the bottled eye creams we buy have a typical capacity of about 15-30ml. We can use empty bottles as a separate bottle, because when we go out, if we bring a large bottle of lotion or cream, it will occupy more places. There is a capacity limit for weight and flight, so if you use these small empty bottles reasonably, you can solve some trouble for our journey. We have purchased some emulsion pressure bottles that can be used to dispense some shower gels and shampoos, all of which can come in handy.
Empty bottles with some creams are larger. We can clean them and use them to fix small objects such as needles, small needles, and even small rubber bands. There are some large pressure bottles that can also be used as watering bottles. Girls like to breed small meat, can not be watered, so you can use this pressure bottle to solve.