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How Much Do You Know About Airless Bottle ?

Feb 04, 2018

Why is it called a air free bottle?

1. No air bottle pump to prevent leakage, tamper proof, reduce product waste.

2. No air bottle to protect the shelf life. Because the product is oxygen-sensitive and preservative-free products, minimize air flow to the bottle when dispensing.

3. No air bottles provide accurate product applications. It can be used as an upright position to distribute the product in an Angle.

4. Bottle sprayers can be designed in a range of styles, smooth and modern appearance with traditional immersion pump.

5. They are safe to transport because they do not require additional internal pressure to distribute the product.

How do you work without an air bottle?

When compressed air bottles, there is a vacuum, so when the air is squeezed out of the bottle, the product comes out. This process is carried out with the help of a plate under the product. When the vacuum pulls it up, it pushes up.

The flask is made of external metal springs and maintains sensitive skin care products directly to the metal. You can preserve skin care products in bottles that can be opened and repeatedly opened. Repeat direct contact with the contents, such as dipping the finger in the contents, and exposing the contents to the air, which may cause pollution. These bottles help control these products because they allow the air to reach a minimum.