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How High Is The Temperature Resistance Of Acrylic Materials?

Nov 21, 2018

The performance of high quality acrylic sheet is very good. How much influence does temperature have on acrylic sheet?

In fact, the influence of temperature on acrylic products can be large or small. To say a little, it is necessary to divide a limit of temperature, with 85 degrees C as the limit. When the temperature exceeds this temperature, it belongs to acrylic processing. After meeting this temperature, acrylic products will be deformed, and acrylic products will soften. Wait, if you want to process some crafts or consumer goods, such as cabinets, train or car doors and windows, chandeliers, fluorescent lamps and so on. Moreover, temperature can increase the flexibility and strength of PMMA, and even increase its impact strength.

Under 85 degrees C, acrylic products will not have any problems, nor will they be deformed, nor will they be afraid of the sunshine, such as long-term exposure to the outside light box, in the daytime, there will be sunshine. That's all right, and its anticorrosive property guarantees the long-term use of plexiglass, and its importance is much lighter than fragile glass, but also anti-freezing and moisture-proof.

For acrylic products, temperature needs to be controlled. At different temperatures, acrylic will have different appearance, and its performance may also change. The actual deformation also has a significant relationship with the thickness of the plate. The thinner the plate, the easier the deformation, the thicker the plate, the smaller the deformation.

When choosing acrylic products, we must pay attention to it, because not all acrylic can withstand the above mentioned temperature, and the temperature resistance of full recycling or sandwich board is very poor.



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