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Glass Bottle Industry Competition Situation Momentum Prospects Welcome

Sep 26, 2018

Globally, the developed countries represented by the United States and Europe are the main agglomeration areas of daily-use glassware industry in the world, forming well-known daily-use glass bottle manufacturers represented by French bow and arrow, American Libby and so on, whose brand products occupy the dominant position in the market. However, developed countries such as Europe and the United States are limited by raw material resources, labor costs and other factors; the daily glass bottle manufacturing industry is facing structural adjustment and strategic transfer to the direction of high quality, low yield and high technology.

Some glass bottle enterprises, represented by China's glass bottle industry, have comparatively great advantages in production tradition, raw material supply and labor cost. The daily-use glass bottle industry has developed rapidly in recent years. Competitive advantage mainly concentrates on medium and low-grade products. At present, the domestic domestic domestic glass bottle industry's market competition pattern mainly displays the characteristics: First, the number of enterprises is large, the scale of enterprises is small; Second, the industry concentration is low; Third, gradually narrowing the gap with foreign industries; Fourth, actively participating in international competition; Domestic glass bottle manufacturing Industry has the characteristics of capital intensive, technology intensive and labor intensive. With the natural optimum combination of the market and the continuous expansion of the manufacturing scale of domestic glass bottles in China, the continuous improvement of production technology, the introduction of integrated equipment technology, the continuous improvement of professional management and control experience, the quality and grade of its products are also constantly upgrading, the daily glass bottle industry is gradually becoming lightweight. With the healthy development of environmental protection, energy saving and internationalization, China's glass bottle brands are bound to go out of the country to dominate the market.



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