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Future PET Plastic Bottles Or Into The High-end Field

Apr 10, 2017

Future PET plastic bottles or into the high-end field

For the positioning of plastic bottles, the most embarrassing and depressed than low-end packaging.

 Many products, regardless of food, beverages, cosmetics, etc. as long as positioning in the

 high-end direction, often will use glass, ceramics, metal and other materials.

    Over the years, plastic bottles, including raw material manufacturers, are struggling to break

 through this inherent concept. Acrylic plastic bottle is a corroboration, making the positioning

 of high-end cosmetics packaging began to use a lot. For plastic bottles, mainly with PP plastic

 caps are the main. The introduction of aluminum caps or metal caps for the appearance of plastic

 bottles to enhance the appearance of packaging is also very packaging. This is mainly the main

 health care products bottle, a large number of metal texture aluminum cover, together with the 

plastic bottle.

    But with everyone's efforts, PET bottle development gradually close to high-end trends,

 especially PET bottles. We can almost see the PET mineral water bottle is in the high-speed 

development stage, gradually high-end design is to its temperament image to convince high-end

 people to buy.

    Due to transparent pet box wear, good plasticity, impact resistance, water vapor, chemical 

resistance and other characteristics, the use of the product in the packaging industry is very. 

For the mineral water bottle packaging, the current mainstream material for the PET transparent 

plastic. All kinds of industries are pulling the development of PET plastic transparent bottle 

industry, with the development of transparent pet plastic industry speed, it occupies a larger

 share of the packaging market, our country's transparent pet plastics industry also need to

 integrate through the production enterprises Joint, acquisition and other means to form a large

 plastic packaging business, which will promote the industry's healthy development.

    Because PET bottles of a variety of excellent performance, so it was selected high-end

 packaging probability is much higher than other types of plastic bottles, a pioneer is not