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Four Major Advantages Of Acrylic

Jan 21, 2018

First high transparency: acrylic is the best transparent material of high polymer at present, and the transmittance is 92%, and the transmittance of glass is higher than that of glass.

Second, the mechanical strength is high: the relative molecular weight of acrylic is about 2 million, it is a long chain polymer compound, and the chain of molecules is very soft. Therefore, the strength of acrylic is relatively high, the ability to resist tension and impact is 7-18 times higher than that of ordinary glass. There is a kind of acrylic which is treated by heating and stretching, in which the chain segments are arranged in a very order, making the toughness of the material significantly improved. Nail into this organic glass, even if the nail penetrates, acrylic does not produce cracks. This organic glass quilt will not break into fragments as well. Therefore, the tensile treated plexiglass can be used as a bulletproof glass, and also used as a cockpit cover on a military aircraft.

Third light weight: the density of acrylic is 1.18g/cm³ the same size material is only half the weight of ordinary glass, and the metal aluminum is 43% of light metal.

Fourth easy processing: acrylic can be used not only for cutting lathe, drilling machine for drilling, but also with acetone, chloroform and other bonded into devices of various shapes, can also be used for blow molding, injection, extrusion, plastic molding processing into the aircraft cabin cover, small teeth and dental care products of every hue.