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Four Advantages Of Airless Bottle

Feb 04, 2018

Using bottles and cans of skin care products can be opened, repeated direct contact with the contents, using this way can become very unhealthy. When you're constantly touching your finger to the content, and repeatedly exposed to the air, it can cause pollution. In the cosmetics industry, the main reason for the lack of air bottle popularity is their range of customization.

1. Prevent pollution

The designer ensures that the content is not in contact with the external air and can be stored for a long time. In traditional bottles, there is no built-in metal spring, and no air bottle pump USES an external metal spring to prevent skin care products from touching the metal directly.

2, zero waste

Take every point out of your bottle, zero waste, because the product won't be stuck in the pipe or around the valve. This makes it easier for you to take a plane or travel.

3. Extend shelf life.

Since everything is to improve and extend the shelf life of the product, there are many choices to customize the design so that no air bottles are suitable for use. The degree of oxidation is completely reduced, which is the main reason to prevent the rapid deterioration of cosmetics.

4. Prevent leakage

No air bottle pump is leakproof and leakproof, making the ship easier to transport and travel. These bottles have a small hole at the bottom that allows air to enter the space under the plate and help propel it upward.

Now, you can keep your skin care product open in a bottle without air. Also, buyers can specify the kind of bottle they need. These bottles help to keep these products from being exposed to the air.