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Explosion Proof Toughness Of Plastic Bottle In Winter

Nov 17, 2017

Explosion proof toughness of plastic bottle in winter

At present, the plastic bottle packaging is ultimately the use of its mechanical properties to ensure that the package is not damaged, the mechanical properties of the packaging of plastic bottles for daily chemical products should have compression, impact resistance, bending resistance, etc., mainly according to the nature of the product to determine the packaging. In general, the plastic bottle must have a certain degree of stiffness to ensure that the packaged products intact as a whole, but also need good rebound performance, so that after extrusion can revert to the original shape. In the same material and wall thickness, stiffness and resilience is a contradiction, to meet the needs of customers, it is only to take into account both.

The temperature resistance of plastic bottles is related to the selected materials. The materials are related to temperature resistance, dimensional stability, environmental stress cracking and so on. Only by ensuring the long-term performance of plastic bottles, can the quality and safety of the contents be guaranteed. In winter explosion proof pipes, it is necessary to adjust the formula structure of plastic bottles, use the materials with enhanced toughness, and improve the impact strength of plastic bottles.



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