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Don't Throw Away The Cosmetic Bottle, Put It In The Bathroom, It Works Well, Save Money, Simple And Practical

Sep 21, 2019

Cosmetics are a must-have makeup in our daily lives. Whether it is a girl who loves beauty or a man needs to use it for skin care. I believe that there are many kinds of cosmetics in each family, and cosmetics are high-consumption products. There are often some used cosmetic bottles left in the house.

The cosmetics bottles used in the home are thrown first, we only need a few simple steps, put it in the bathroom is really good, can solve the big problems in life, hurry to see it!

First, we need to put the used cosmetic bottle on the table, remove the cosmetic bottle cap, then remove the built-in plastic cover, then prepare the appropriate amount of water and pour the water into the cosmetic bottle.

There is not much water to be poured, and half the capacity of the cosmetic bottle can be. Then prepare a bottle of toilet water, take a small amount of water droplets into the cosmetic bottle and shake it evenly.

Then put the cosmetic built-in plastic cover, put the bottle upside down and notice that the water in the bottle is very slow, put it into the bathroom, open the lid of the toilet tank, put it upside down, and cover the toilet lid.

This is a simple step, every time you flush the toilet, there will be a faint scent of toilet water, which can effectively avoid the smell of the toilet, which is very simple and practical.

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