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Disadvantages Of Cosmetic Bottle Packaging

Oct 29, 2020

Cosmetics packaging has always been in a leading position in the field of packaging consumption, because cosmetics companies often do not care about the cost of cosmetics packaging. A good price of a cosmetic is often closely related to its exquisite outer packaging. Cosmetic bottles are always pursuing the best in terms of delicacy, grace and magnanimity. However, if we observe carefully, we will find that the material of cosmetics is only made of plastic and glass from the beginning to the present, which shows that the cosmetic bottle has not achieved a leading position in product innovation and material.

Other packaging areas have done quite well, for example, beverage packaging is taking the lightweight route, introducing paper packaging and plastic bag packaging, and even the packaging of tobacco industry we are familiar with has been introduced from carton packaging to iron box packaging. These updates focus on environmental protection and recycling, or pay attention to the convenience of use and portability. While we are looking at the cosmetic bottles, which are widely used in the packaging industry, they do not set an example in environmental protection. Most of the time, when we use up cosmetics, it is difficult to recycle them, because the buyers of waste products will not accept those cosmetic bottles that can be bought with a lot of money. Many of them are thrown into unknown corners, and then they will not be recycled On the other hand, cosmetic bottles have not been made to reduce material and cost, and the use of new materials has not been reflected in cosmetics bottles.