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Development Status And Trend Of PET Recycling Technology For International Packaging Use

Jan 21, 2018

1. The history of the PET recycling and reprocessing industry in packaging use

At the end of 60s to early 70s, with the popularity of non fiber use PET and other packaging products in developed countries, the PET recycling and reprocessing technology have emerged, the earliest the regeneration PET fiber industrialization enterprise is an American WELLMAN company, currently recovering PET fiber of the company's production capacity is 50 thousand tons / year. The disposal capacity of waste PET is more than 100 thousand tons / year, and its recycling PET fiber product application market covers four major fields, such as non-woven fabrics, carpet, home textiles, automobile and so on, and produces more than 80 kinds of products. Due to labor costs and other factors, the developed countries now pay more attention to new technology development, product market expansion and the development of high value-added products in the field of regenerative PET reprocessing.

2. Current status of PET recycling technology

At present, the international PET recovery can be divided into two technical routes.

The first is a mechanical (or Physics) recovery process.